"Alexa, tell the TV to turn on."

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Why EchoMote?

Alex Christenson (Electrical Engineer), Ross Reicks (Computer Engineer), and Sarah Huber (Electrical Engineer) attend Iowa State and needed to create a Senior Design project. Ross called his uncle who is an Electrical Engineering professor and has worked in the industry. His uncle shared that his mom is blind and uses the Amazon Echo for listening to books and adjusting her thermostat. He mentioned that it would be great if the Amazon Echo could control her TV. We ran with this idea and realized that this would be a useful Alexa add on for everyone. Please peruse our website and see how the EchoMote became reality.

The Process

Meet The Team

Get to know the three Iowa State Students that created the EchoMote.

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Our Presentation

Please view the PowerPoint slides that we presented at the end of the semester.

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Project Plan

From start to finish, we follwed a plan to accomplish our project.

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Final Report

We wanted our project to do more than just work.

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Final Poster

Short and Sweet

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Weekly Reports

We kept track of our work each week. Please view our documentation below.

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Meet the Team

My name is Alex Christenson and I am a senior in electrical engineering at Iowa State. I am from Fridley, Minnesota. This summer I will be working for MidAmerican as a substation design intern in Davenport, Iowa. I like working with hardware and this project has given me insight on what it is like to utilize software to contron hardware.

My name is Ross Reicks and I am a senior in computer engineering. I am from Carroll, Iowa. This summer I will be working for Thinix, a local start up in Ames, Iowa. I will be working as a software engineering intern this summer and then fulltime upon my graduation in December. I enjoy coding different projects and this project has allowed for me to create a project from scratch that involves both software and hardware.

My name is Sarah Huber and I am a senior in electrical engineering at Iowa State. I am from Bettendorf, Iowa. This summer I will be working as a product marketing engineering intern at Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas. This project was exciting to me because I was able to work on my coding skills and also create a project from scratch.

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